Food for Thought

3834-DWTX-2014-LOGO-FINAL-YELLOWfrom Bishop Lillibridge

“Give us this day, our daily bread.”  Someone even nominally familiar with Christianity could probably identify the origin of this statement.  “Daily bread” has been, and continues to be, preached and understood with all kinds of spiritual and theological interpretations.

The Diocesan theme for 2014 is “Rekindle the gift within you” (2 Timothy 1.6).  When I think of this passage from Timothy in light of the Lord’s Prayer, I am reminded that part of my daily bread, indeed the major part of my daily bread, is a constant rekindling of the gift of God within me.

Paying close attention to our relationship with God on a daily basis is key to living a life of faithful discipleship and a life which “abides” in Christ.    I look forward to exploring, in all kinds of ways, the rekindling of the gift of God within us as we pray for our daily bread.

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