Youth Commissioning

Over 150 young people entered the Council floor on Saturday morning, Feb. 23. Bishop Reed welcomed them and began to lead the opening prayers, which you can read on the Council Live page.

Following the prayers, the Friends of the Groom, a Christian theater trio, delivered a skit on the ministry of Simon Peter and then the story of “The Three Trees” to all the youth seated just beneath the stage. Friends of the Groom have been present throughout Council, and have performed four different times skits that have promoted the Council theme and other aspects of Council.

Scott Parnell, director of youth ministry at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Corpus Christi, invited each young person to come to the Acolyte Festival April 19-20 in Corpus Christi. What followed was an arousing, fun, and precious video of acolytes acting out their ministry with associated words to the tune of the popular song “Call Me, Maybe.” The acolytes in the video sang and invited others “to come to worship, and serve Christ, maybe!” The video had the entire Council floor clapping and laughing and then delivering a standing ovation. (As soon as I get my hands on this video, I will share it.)

Bishop Reed then commissioned the youth, asking them to go and perform the work set before them to the best of their ability with passion and joy. Reed prayed over them and blessed them and sent them out. You can read the text of Bishop Reed’s commissioning on the Council Live page.

The youth and sponsors then exited the building. They will spend the day serving at the Cliff Maus Village and the Ronald McDonald House, both in Corpus Christi. They will participate in service projects to beautify and clean both facilities.

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