Episcopal Church Foundation

Dan Butt, the executive director of the Episcopal Church Foundation in West Texas, reported that 2012 was a good year for the Foundation. Butt reported that investment gains totaled $4.8 million, an increase of 10.2 percent. The Foundation consists of 185 accounts, of which 126 are churches, schools, and other entities, and 59 are diocesan. Twenty new accounts were added in 2012.

Butt said it is not too late for any church to join the Foundation. He gave a brief overview of just what the Foundation is, saying it is a separate entity from the diocese. It is controlled by a board of directors, who are appointed by the bishop and approved by Council for three-year terms. Each may serve two consecutive terms. The board for 2012 consisted of: Ted Burkhart (diocesan treasurer), Bill Galbreath, Bishop Gary Lillibridge, Ed Longscope, the Rev. Robert McAllen, John McClung, Richard Mosty, Liz Nesbit, Allan Paterson, Jr. (retiring director), Gregg Robertson, and Charles Thompson.

To learn more about the Foundation, visit foundation-dwtx.org. To hear Butt’s full report, visit the Council Live page.

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