Council Thanks Brenda and Charlie Johnson

Bishop Lillibridge called Brenda and Charlie Johnson to the stage to thank them for their 15 years of ministry as caretakers at Camp Capers. The Johnsons retired from their tenure at Camp Capers at then end of 2012 and are moving into positions at Camp Allen in the Diocese of Texas.

Lillibridge said Camp Capers is 67 years old in 2013, and the Johnsons have served longer than any other caretaker – almost 1/4 of the life of camp. Both Brenda and Charlie have had the opportunity to visit with old friends during this Council. Lillibridge said, “They have been there for lots of ministry and through lots of changes.” He invited a round of applause for the Johnsons, and the Council floor delivered a standing ovation.

Charlie said, “We have so loved serving each and every one of you. The ministry we did at Camp Capers was a blessing to us both. Thank you for allowing us to serve.” In his good humor, he added, “I am now carrying a lot less fewer keys, so I don’t walk lopsided anymore.” Brenda said, “I always said that I was not the boss, just bossy. But we have loved our 15 and 1/2 years at Camp Capers; we love each and every one of you. Thank you for everything you’ve given us.”

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