We got an App for that!

1.homescreen An “app”lication just for Council 2013 has been developed. Available for iPhones and iPads, as well as Android phones, the app can be found in the Apple App Store or on Google Play by searching for “dwtx Council 2013.”

The Council 2013 app contains all the Council details you need to know, including up-to-date notifications of Council reports. The app features Pre-Council meeting locations with driving instructions; information and booth numbers of each exhibit at Council; a descriptive list of the activities during Council; and a venue map with the ability to get directions from place to place. Each user can (and is encouraged to) submit comments or questions about a specific detail of Council and submit Council photos for the website gallery. Links to view all the handouts are also available through this app on the Go Green tab.  The “More” tab also directs users to “Contact Us” for social network links to the diocesan Twitter and Facebook accounts, plus links to the websites dwtx.org and council-dwtx.org.  Or go retro!  Contact Us actually contains a “Call” button to dial the diocesan offices phone number.

At Council, registration packets will be slimmed down this year, containing only name tags and prayer cards. Paper copies of items such as maps and the exhibit iPad giveaway forms will be available in the information booth area manned by the men’s group of St. Bartholomew’s, Corpus Christi, aka The Bubbas.  Instead of opening the registration packet open the app to view contents online.  Go figure.  We’re going green.

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