Going Green(er) at Council

Tired of taking home Council handouts, but never looking at them again?  Prefer to have most of the information and handouts available to you digitally instead?  Would you like to download necessary information to your mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android phones.  This year you will have some choices.  But remember there will still be plenty of paper for those who prefer.  We are starting a process that will continue over several years.  Maybe, some day, we will have a paperless Council!

Go Green LeafDuring the registration process for Council, you have the option of choosing to “Go Green at Council” this year. By selecting this option, a fancy green leaf will be displayed on your name tag, indicating that you have chosen to receive all possible handouts electronically instead of on your tabletop on the Council floor.

Every handout that is delivered by the Pages throughout the days of Council will be available for viewing or downloading under the “Go Green” tab of the Council website at http://council-dwtx.org.  [Until Jan 28, 2013, the link to the “Go Green” page can be found under the Business section in the left hand navigation.]

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