Nominations for 2012 Diocesan Council Elections

Excerpt from Rev Jim Friedel in the September 2, 2011 letter to all Rectors, Vicars, Assistants and Wardens –

“As you know, the Nominating Committee of our Diocese convenes each year to seek the names of individuals who may be called to serve the Church in a wider capacity through the elected offices of the Diocese.  As chair of this committee for the 2012 Diocesan Council, I am writing to invite your participation in this process through steadfast prayer, and by the raising up of faithful, skilled leaders from within your own congregation.  Those who feel called to potentially minister in this capacity, and whose names are submitted, will be considered for nomination and possible election to the various offices which will be filled by the 2012 Diocesan Council.”

“The Council 2012 Theme will be “Abound in Hope” (Romans 15.13) is both a bold charge and a subtle reminder that the work of the Church requires the diverse gifts and abilities of many individuals to faithfully engage the tasks to which God calls us.  Therefore, as you encourage people to submit their names for consideration, remind them that their willingness to share their knowledge and skills with the larger Church is essential to the mission and ministry of the Diocese of West Texas.  Furthermore, please remind them that, because the needs of the Diocese vary, the process of selecting nominees is a process of discernment, and not all names submitted for consideration will necessarily appear on the ballot.

Thank you for your support and participation in this process. Through your prayerful involvement year by year the Diocese of West Texas continues to raise up strong, faithful individuals to lead our Church in its duty to engage the calling of Christ.”

In the Nomination section of this website you will find a description of each office, current elected members, qualifications, and a biographical data sheet to complete for each nominee.  These data sheets are due to Laura Woodall in the Bishop’s Office by November 1, 2011.

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