World Missions Report

Marthe Curry delivered a brief report on the status of World Missions in 2010. This past year brought abundant blessings to the department. The Department of World Missions supported 58 trips in 15 different countries. The amount of revenue that was raised and given was the most ever. The generous people of the diocese gave over $1.5 million dollars. Curry expressed her sincere gratefulness on behalf of the entire department.

Curry gave examples of where revenue comes from, including the Mother’s Day Offering, the World Mission Arts Festival, Pennies from Heaven, apportionment allocations and individual congregation contributions. These funds are allocated across the globe. Curry gave an example of the Isle of Hope daycare center in Belarus, Russia, which cares for and nurtures young children with physical and mental disabilities. The Pennies from Heaven fund supports an educational program for the children of clergy in the Nebbi Diocese of Uganda. These children graduate from the program and continue their education at a university. This is a monumental achievement, considering these children and students live in an area where running water is minimal. The Honduras vet team requested assistance from the Department of World Missions a couple years ago to build a birthing center for the women in a specific area of Honduras. In 2010, air conditioning was installed in this birthing center.

The efforts of the Department of World Missions are far-reaching. Curry asked those on the Council floor who have ever gone a mission trip, funded a mission trip, or prayed for a loved one on a mission trip to stand. As the entire floor rose, she acknowledged the presence and presented the group to the bishops, noting we are a missions diocese.

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