Christian Education Under Construction

Cathy Villani, St. Thomas, San Antonio, and Ann Allen, St. Luke’s, San Antonio, have accepted the positions of co-chairs of the Department of Christian Education and Formation, following the retirement of full-time director, Lou Taylor. Cathy and Ann have been on the committee for a number of years, and are energetic to reinvent their roles voluntarily. At Council the ladies have set up a construction booth for Christian education, complete with building blocks and a sign stating “Under Construction.” This building project needs your help. In their report on Friday afternoon, Cathy and Ann told each congregation they need their help in building a newly successful department. They requested information from each congregation indicating what they need specifically, whether that be assistance with a children’s Sunday school program, baptismal and confirmation resources, recruitment and nurturing of volunteers, etc. The ladies also need to know your parish’s contact person for Christian education. Their hope is to build programs and relationships, strengthening our familial bonds.

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