LATE Church Registration until 3:00 pm, Feb 13

Registration closed February 9, 2011 at noon as scheduled.  However, some churches have not completed the registration process.  To alleviate the burden of “back-end” processing by diocesan staff and host church volunteers, we have created a LATE online registration form for Church Registration (Clergy, Delegates, Alternates and Clergy Spouses).  It is identical to the original form, but for the addition of a $10 administrative processing fee.  To avoid “the check is in the mail” issues at registration, a credit card is required at the time of purchase.  This second-chance registration form will be available until Sunday, February 13, 2011 at 3:00 pm.

There is no LATE Individual registration form for visitors.  Unregistered visitors should arrive early (10:00 am) on February 17 for on-site registration. The optional food purchases offered during online registration may or may not be available the day Council begins.  Walk-in registration is NOT an acceptable alternative for clergy, delegates, alternates and clergy spouses as they must be registered before arrival. 

Visit the registration page for a link to the new registration form.

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