Bring coffee mugs for the Motley Mug Program at Camp Capers

As you pack for Diocesan Council in Corpus Christi, please remember to pack a few church or event (logo) coffee mugs to donate to Camp Capers.

stthomas-coffeeCamp Capers has a Motley Mug Program, and donated coffee mugs will be used in  the NEW dining hall allowing:

  • Camp Capers to be more green
  • Your congregation to be a part of Camp Capers
  • stpeters-coffeeAnd your youth and adults to see and use your mugs while at camp
  • Plus, it’s just all-around cool and fun to have different mugs from all over the diocese at camp.

You can bring your donated coffee mugs by the Camps and Conferences booth in the exhibits area in the AmericanBank Center.

See your Motley Mug at Council soon!

Get free WiFi at the Omni

If you have made your reservation to stay at the Omni Bayfront in Corpus Christi during Diocesan Council this week, you need to become a “Select Guest” to receive complimentary WiFi service during your stay.

omni_select-guestTo become a Select Guest, simply visit the hotel’s website, If using your personal computer, the sign-up link is located in the middle of the home screen. You will see “Join Select Guest today and get Complimentary WiFi.” Enter your email address and follow the prompts to register. Be sure to choose a password you will remember come Thursday!

If using your mobile device, choose “Select Guest” from the drop-down menu located in the top left corner of the screen.

You can add your upcoming registration if you have your room confirmation number handy. If not, just plan to log in to the WiFi service with your email address and password upon your arrival.

See you on Thursday.

Discernment Forums – video from TMI

Three Discernment Forums were held Saturday and Sunday, January 28-29, in Harlingen, Corpus Christi, and in San Antonio that afforded voting clergy and delegates, as well as visitors, the opportunity to hear from the seven Potential Nominees for Bishop Suffragan. Those in attendance learned more about each candidate’s vision for the diocese, his or her calling to be a bishop, and they were able to witness each personality as the candidates presented their responses to a series of random questions. The Potential Nominees traveled to each location to respond to questions submitted by people of the diocese and created by the Standing Committee.

The third Discernment Forum – held at TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas – was recorded, and the video is now available here.

potentialnominees-forum-harlingen2017The seven Potential Nominees for Bishop Suffragan are (as pictured): the Rev. Lisa Mason, the Rev. Chris Caddell, the Rev. Jonathan Wickham, the Rev. Chris Cole, the Rev. Robert Woody, the Rev. Jennifer Brooke-Davidson, and the Rev. John Hill.

This was the first time the Diocese of West Texas hosted Discernment Forums to provide the opportunity for Potential Nominees for the office of bishop to travel around the diocese. The first two of the weekend were held at St. Alban’s, Harlingen, and Church of the Good Shepherd, Corpus Christi. With the third at TMI, all the forums were well attended by clergy, delegates to Diocesan Council in February, as well as visitors who came to hear the Potential Nominees answer questions.

discernmentforum-harlingen2017At each location, each Potential Nominee gave a three-minute opening statement, as well as a three-minute summation. Each response to a question was also limited to three minutes. Many of the questions focused on the ministry of a bishop, the personal discernment processes, spiritual exercises and personal faith development, and current issues in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

While the Potential Nominees each gave thoughtful responses that delivered their personal beliefs, they also complemented each other and often were in agreement, acknowledging a previous answer and building on it. In each summation, the candidates all expressed sincere gratitude to those gathered to hear them speak and also to each other for the support given on this discernment journey.

When wrapping up each forum, Bishop Reed said many people have asked him whom he would like to see elected as Bishop Suffragan. “I am now ready to give you that answer,” said Reed. “Any one of these seven will do a fine job.”

The election of Bishop Suffragan will be held on Saturday, February 25, 2017 as part of the 113th Diocesan Council at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi.

Have banner? Will travel (to Discernment Forums)

Did you see the banner “wall” created by the Host Committee and displayed in Selena Auditorium during Eucharist at Council 2013?  Well, here it is!

Banner Display Council 2013

And this year, Council 2017 planners will be recreating this beautiful backdrop for our Worship on Thursday evening of Council, but we need your banner NOW!

Please bring your congregation’s banner to one of the Discernment Forum/PreCouncil meetings the weekend of January 28 – 29, 2017.  Diocesan staff will deliver them to Council.

banner-pieces-with-textNo stands will be needed, just the banners labeled with contact info.  The banners will be available for pickup Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, February 24 and 25, 2017 in the exhibitor area.

Making New Christian Education over Lunch

“Behold, I make all things New” … Let’s recreate together what it means to do Christian Formation.

students_13700bcAre you running out of ideas on how to do for Christian Formation at your church? You are not alone. Come to the Christian Formation Luncheon at 11:15 a.m. before Council begins on Thursday, February 23. We will discuss, share, and listen to what it means to have 21st Century thinking and better yet how to have 21st Century living as we try and make disciples today.

Bring your friend, priest, part-time/full-time/volunteer Christian Education coordinator/leader who loves to learn. And please forward this information to anyone who might be interested in coming to this luncheon.

Cost is $25 per person, and it can be added to your individual Council registration. For more information, contact Sarah Kates at, Christian Education Committee Chair.

Women’s Ministries Luncheon on Thursday

Let’s Talk. Over Lunch.

women-holding-hands-blue-backgroundAs the roles of women change in society, so do the ministries they do and the ministries they serve. Join a luncheon conversation just before Council opens on Thursday, February 23, on the many ways in which women’s ministries can serve God, the church, and each other.  Go home with ideas and support for your local women’s ministry, however you define that.

Luncheon is 11:30 a.m., in the Rotunda of the AmericanBank Center, cost of $25 per person. Add it to your Council registration. Hosted by the diocesan Commission for Women’s Ministries  (C4WM) and the diocesan Daughters of the King.  The luncheon will close with our Council “Call to Prayer.” For more info:

CIA – Operation FLAGS

Click here for a flyer to publicize at your church.At Council 2016 Bishop Reed introduced six initiatives and the collaborative leadership to vision ways forward in these areas of need.  One such initiative was Veterans’ Ministries where Bishop Reed said, “the needs are many and complex – not only for combat veterans, but for active duty personnel stationed among us and families left behind and waiting.”  Our Council in Action 2017 project specifically addresses the children of active duty personnel left behind and waiting as our Military Ministry team partners with JBSA Randolph Hearts Apart.

CIA will support Operation Flags (Families Learning About Global Support), a mock-deployment event for 300, third-fifth grade students at Randolph Elementary School in San Antonio.  The annual event helps students to experience what it’s like for their active-duty parents to leave for a deployment.

Our goal is to donate 400 posters & 400 flags to students and families participating in Operation FLAGS. Each flag cost 25 cents.

Episcopal Diocese of West Texas