Parochial Reports

For a church to be seated at Council, 2014 Parochial Reports must be received in the office of the Diocese of West Texas by February 1, 2015.

Below you will find DWTX Instructions for completing all facets of  the Parochial Report and diocesan required forms.  The complete PDF package of forms will be sent late December 2014 and available on below.  The  files originally created as Word documents or Excel files are available below in original format allowing completion on a computer.  You will be able to view PDF files, but you should download the Word and Excel files to complete digitally.

Click Individual Files to download:

Parochial Report Information from Episcopal Church Website

1. 2014 Parochial Report Form (PDF format).  Please go online to receive your congregation’s personalized copy for completion.  Visit for additional information and a link to file your parochial report online.

2. General Instructions for 2014 Parochial Report (PDF format)

3. Workbook for Page 2 of 2014 Parochial Report (PDF format)

4. Workbook for Page 3 of 2014 Parochial Report (PDF format)

Diocesan Information and Forms to be Completed

1. Hardaway Instruction Letter 2015 (PDF format)

2. Diocesan Summarized Instructions for Filing Online (PDF format)

3. Staff Salaries 2015 (Word document)

4. Stewardship Statistic Form 2014/15 (Word document)

5. Church Officials 2015 (Word document)

6. Vestry and Bishop’s Committee 2015 (Word document)

7. Certification of Insurance 2015 (Word document)

8. Necrology Form 2015 (Word document)

Full Parochial Report Packet for 2015 Year (PDF format, mailed 12/30/14)

2014 Church Audit Committee Packet (PDF format, mailed 12/30/14) is a website allowing free storage of documents.  Use their command buttons to Print or Download the full packet.  Be aware the complete packet is 68 pages.


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