Pre-registration is required for all attending the Special Council 2014 for the election of a Bishop Coadjutor Election on Oct 25th  at TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas.

Only clergy canonically resident in the diocese and Council delegates will be allowed in All Saints Chapel during Worship and the Special Council session.

Alternates, Visitors and Clergy not canonically resident will worship in the Refectory at TMI and watch the live proceedings of the Special Council. Lunch is included in the registration fee for all attending the election.  Childcare will be provided for infants through 5th Graders, and parents are asked to bring a sack lunch or purchase a child’s boxed lunch for $10.

CHURCH REGISTRATION – Mailed August 11, 2014

The diocese will use a paper registration system with forms mailed to each Church for 2014 Certified Delegates, Alternates, and VOTING Clergy (as listed with that church in the Quick Reference.)  The packet will contain 5 sheets:

  1. Instruction Sheet (white)
  2. Council Delegate 2014 List (blue)
  3. Council Alternate 2014 List (pink)
  4. Clergy, Clergy Spouse and Visitor List (green)
  5. Special Council 2014 Replacements (yellow)

Registration Procedure (see instruction sheet for details):

1.     Complete the forms: Much like correcting the Certification (see Certification webpage) church officials are asked to complete the above forms by:

  • Checking the correct box whether or not the certified persons are attending Special Council
  • Checking the correct box if they are attending in their original capacity (alternate or delegate)
  • Completing the replacement lists for any new names, addresses, e-mails, etc. (if needed)
  • Adding any visitors if desired (or they may register through INDIVIDUAL registration below).

2.     Compute the payment summary on the Instruction Sheet by listing number of Delegates, alternates, replacements, clergy, clergy spouses and visitors.  Fee is $30 per person

3.     Mail completed forms, instruction sheet with computed summary, and check for the amount owed to:  Diocese of West Texas, ATTN: Special Council, PO Box 6885, San Antonio, TX  78209.

4.     To pay by credit card  click  here “Special Council 2014 CHURCH Payment” opening August 15, 2014.



The diocese will also use a paper registration system for Retired and Non-parochial Voting Clergy (not listed with a church in the Quick Reference.)  All Licensed, non-voting clergy will be included in this mailing (whether or not they are listed with a church in the Quick Reference.)

The Clergy packet will include canonical notice of the Special Council plus a registration form with attendance boxes for the cleric and clergy spouse.  This packet will be mailed to the home address.

Registration Procedure:

1.     Complete the forms by checking attendance at the Special Council

2.     Compute the payment ($30 per person)

3.     Mail completed form (with payment, if attending) to:  Diocese of West Texas, ATTN: Special Council, PO Box 6885, San Antonio, TX  78209

- OR -

4.     Go online to and click “Special Council 2014 INDIVIDUAL for Non-Assigned Clergy, Spouses and Visitors” registration form on August 15, 2014.  Complete this form and pay online. (No return mail required.)

 INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION – Online August 15, 2014

All visitors are welcome to join the Alternates, Clergy Spouses and Non-voting Clergy in the Refectory of TMI, and may self-register by completing the INDIVIDUAL registration form.  The fee is $30, which includes a boxed lunch.

Three (3) online registration forms will open August 15, 2014:

1.     Special Council 2014 CHURCH Payment

2.     Special Council 2014 INDIVIDUAL Registration & Payment for:

  • NON-ASSIGNED Clergy (Retired & Non-parochial)
  • NON-ASSIGNED Clergy Spouses, and
  • ALL LICENSED Clergy & Spouses
  • ALL Visitors

3.     Special Council 2014 CHILDCARE Registration & Payment (see Childcare webpage for details)



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